Simone Perilli Reggiana
13 May 2017
Welcome to the world, Ginerva Perilli!

At the 00.50 am of Saturday morning Ginevra Perilli, Ac Reggiana’s Simone Perilli first daughter came to life. The baby born is in great shaper same as his lovely mother Elisa. To Simone and Elisa the warmest congratulations from the whole granata family.

Simone Perilli
7 January 2017
Happy birthday to Simone Perilli

Happy birthday to Simone Perilli. The Ac Reggiana’s goalkeeper, in fact, was born in Rome on the 7th of January 1995, hence, today, he’s celebrating his 22nd birthday. To Simo, congratulations for this special day from the whole granata family. Enjoy your time!

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