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Dario Maltese al tiro
28 October 2016
Mantova-Reggiana call ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Colucci will bring with him 23 players for the match between Mantova and Reggiana (Kick off, tomorrow, at 4.30 pm) Here are in detail GOALKEEPERS 1. Simone Perilli; 12. Davide Narduzzo FULL BACKS 6. Alessandro Spanò, 20. Minel Sabotic, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 23. Erik Panizzi,…

28 October 2016
La rifinitura di oggi: reattività, partitella e calci piazzati

Last practice before the game of tomorrow in Mantova. The Ac Reggiana players warmed up with the ball and did some athletic work with quickness and reactivity. Then the lads got involved in a “twelve against eleven” on half the pitch and to finish up the team worked on the set pieces and shots on…

2000-2002 vs fano
28 October 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy’s week end schedule

Berretti’s game against Maceratese has been postponed due to the aftermath of another serious earthquake that hit the middle of Italy. Ac Reggiana wants to express its vicinity to SS Maceratese in these hard times. Esordienti Regionali will play on Saturday against Santarcangelo. Same for the younger teams involved into friendlies and league games. Under…

Allenamento 32
27 October 2016
L’allenamento di oggi: 11 contro zero e partitella

One single practice this morning for the Ac Reggiana players. The lads started practice with some individual warm up with the ball, and some specific exercises. Then they focused on reactivity under the supervision of the athletic trainer, (Raffaele) Gagliardo. The second part of the session was devoted to team tactics with several “11 against…

27 October 2016
The Stylgraph renews its commitment to the Pool Granata

“Welcome to the world of your dreams, take a ride with your imagination.” This could be the hypothetical sign hanging on the front door of Maurizio Cavagnari’s Stylgraph. Stylgraph has renewed its partnership with Reggiana Calcio, but it is something more than a sponsor: entrepreneurship is a flagship Reggiana and therefore a credit to the…

Ettore Marchi
26 October 2016
Wednesday’s injury report

Luca Ghiringhelli has been visited by the club’s orthopedic consultant, Doctor Ivo Tartaglia. Doctor Tartaglia confirmed the encouraging outcome of the scans that the player underwent in the last couple of days. The player will be back with the team in three weeks, but his conditions will be evaluated weekly. Ettore Marchi keeps following his…

Allenamento 37
26 October 2016
Today’s practice: tactics, offensive schemes and 10 a side

One single practice session for the lads this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players met at the via Agosti training ground at 3.30 pm and started with a technical warm-up. Subsequently, the players got involved in several tactical exercises and offensive schemes. Then the lads moved to the farther pitch and played a ten a side…

Luigi Falcone in azione
25 October 2016
Tuesday’s injury report

Luca Ghiringhelli underwent a scan on his ankle. The outcome was quite reassuring. A very mild strain to a ligament was highlighted but nothing too worrying. The player is on crutches to not put too much weight on the ankle, however, starting from tomorrow, he will follow a rehabilitation program and his situation will constantly…

allenamento 35
25 October 2016
Today’s practice: strenght, positional tactics, team tactics and pick up game

It was a double practice session today for the Ac Reggiana players. In the morning the lads worked on their strength and some positional tactics. After a video session between practices, the lads got back at it, with an exercise focused on ball possession, then it was about team tactics and, to finish up, a…

25 October 2016
Scat joins the Pool Granata.

The Scat has its headquartered in via Sevardi 17 in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Mancasale industrial area, has a turnover of over 300 million euro, a staff of 50 employees and certainly represents a landmark for the Reggio economy. << With great satisfaction we announce that we had decided to take part in the…

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