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Una squadra under 15
22 December 2016
Academy Leagues scores and tables

Here as follow, are the scores and tables of the Academy Leagues where a Ac Reggiana team is playing   BERRETTI – GROUP B   Scores Sambenedettese – Forlì 0-1 Ancona – Mantova 0-0 Bassano Virtus – Venezia 1-1 Reggiana – Alma Juventus Fano 4-1  Santarcangelo – Modena 3-0 Sassuolo – Padova 4-1 Maceratese – Pordenone…

Berretti Campione d'inverno
22 December 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy: the Berretti team cruising in the last weekend of football before the break

The Ac Reggiana Berretti cruises against Fano and wins – being 7 points ahead of the 2nd – the fist half of its season. The youngsters coached by Mr Paolo Zanetti and his assistant Cris Gilioli, defeated Fano 4-1 with a double by Mastropietro. Rocco e Rivi both went on the scoreboard too. Amichevoli di lusso…

Cuore granata
21 December 2016
Sarli and Castellani called in the Lega Pro Under 17 National team trials

Luigi Sarli, forward (year 2000) and Matteo Castellani, left fullback (class 2000), have been called in the trials to join the Under 17 Lega Pro National team. They will both practice in the team coached by Mr. Arrigoni during an entry stage to become part of the squad.

Allenamento 45
21 December 2016
Today’s practice athletic training, team tactics and short sided game

Just one practice for the lads this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players started their session with an athletic work made of rapidity and coordination, they then moved to work on the team tactics with particular attention to specific situations on the pitch. Finally, the team played a short sided pick up game with some rules…

Arbitro Generico
20 December 2016
Reggiana-Bassano: Mr. Pasciuta will be the referee

LegaPro announced the list of referees that will be involved in the first leg of the second half of the season. Ac Reggiana-Bassano’s referee will be Mr. Fabio Pasciuta from Agrigento. The first linesman will be Mr- Francesco Gnarra from Siena, while the second linesman will be Mr. Marco Cecchi from Pistoia.

Allenamento 41
20 December 2016
Today’s practice: cooldown and gym work for the starters; ball possession and short sided game for the subs

The lads got back at it today after yesterday match against Parma. The starters did an individualized cooldown work – someone in the gym, some other by running at different paces, some other again doing specific therapies – while the subs worked with the ball with exercises of ball possession and a short-sided game. Trevor…

media accreditati
18 December 2016
Reggiana-Parma: it’s a media coverage record

The interest of the media for Reggiana-Parma went literally over the roof. 87 are the media accreditations for the tomorrow night match – between the annual accreditation and the daily ones -. Among them, 6 are coming from abroad. 24 are the accreditations for photoreporters.

18 December 2016
Reggiana-Parma call ups

Ac Reggiana’s coach Leonardo Colucci called 22 players for the tomorrow derby. Here they are   GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli, 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 3. Daniele Pedrelli, 6. Alessandro Spanò, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 20. Minel Sabotic, 24. Luca Ghiringhelli, 25. Trevor Trevisan MIDFIELDERS 4. Federico Angiulli, 16. Andrea Bovo,…

Allenamento 45
18 December 2016
Today’s practice: team tactics, shots on goal and pick up game

Last practice before the derby against Parma of tomorrow night. The Ac Reggiana players worked on their team tactics before refining their shooting, with a series of shots on goal from set schemes. The practice ended with a short sided “11 a side”. Erik Panizzi worked in the gym and did specific therapies for his…

17 December 2016
Today’s practice: technical warm up, individual tactics and short sided pick up game

Second to last practice for the lads before the big derby against Parma on Monday night. In a incredible atpmosphere, with more than 500 supporters watching it, the Ac Reggiana players did a technical warm up, followed by an thorough work on individual tactics and finished with a short sided pick up game. Erik Panizzi…

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