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16 December 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy weekend schedule

Last week end for the Ac Reggiana Academy before the Christmas break. The Berretti team will play its third home game in a row against Fano. Ultimo week-end di gare per il Settore Giovanile Under 17 and Under 15 will both play a friendly game against Cremona, while the Under 16 will play a friendly…

Arbitro Generico
15 December 2016
Reggiana-Parma: Mr. Piscopo will be the referee

LegaPro announced the name of the referee for Reggiana-Parma (Monday night, kick-off at 8.45 pm). Mr. Fabio Piscopo from Imperia will be the referee, while Davide Imperiale from Genova will be the first linesman and Pasquale Capaldo will be the second linesman.

Allenamento 45
15 December 2016
Today’s practice: cool down at the pool for the starters; ball possession and pick up game for the subs of yesterday game

The lads got back at it this morning. The goal now is to prepare at the best for the derby against Parma on Monday night (Kick-off at 8.30 pm). The starters of last night did a cool down session at the pool, while the subs worked on the ball possession and finished with a pickup…

14 December 2016
Scores and tables of the Academy leagues

These are the scores and tables of the Academy Leagues BERRETTI – GROUP B Scores Alma Juventus Fano – Santarcangelo 0-0 Forlì – Sassuolo 1-1 Mantova – Bassano Virtus 1-0 Modena – Maceratese 2-1 Reggiana – Ancona 3-1 Venezia – Padova 4-1 Pordenone – Sambenedettese 5-0 Tables Reggiana 27 Modena 23 Venezia 20 Sassuolo 18…

Allievi Under 17
14 December 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy scores: Under 17 dominates the derby and “wins” the first half of the season

Ac Reggiana Allievi Under 17 squad had its greatest day last weekend as they steamrolled over Parma. 6-0 the final score and the youngsters won the first leg of their season. Ac Reggiana Berretti kept its winning habits by winning over Ancona, 3-1. Under 16 team was defeated by Piacenza 1-0. Same fate for the…

Jacopo Manconi
13 December 2016
Reggiana-FeralpiSalò call ups

Ac Reggiana’s coach Leonardo Colucci called up all his players besides the three injured ones – Alessandro Sbaffo, Dario Maltese and Erik Panizzi – for the match against FeralpiSalò. Here they are GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli, 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 3. Daniele Pedrelli, 6. Alessandro Spanò, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio,…

Allenamento 41
13 December 2016
Today’s practice: technical warm-up, tactical training and “11 a side”

Second to last practice for the lads who trained this afternoon before the final walkthrough of tomorrow morning before the match of tomorrow night against FeralpiSalò (kick-off at 8.30 pm). The lads warmed up with the ball trying schemes and one-two, they then moved to work in specific tactical situations and more, in general, rehearsing…

13 December 2016
Ac Reggiana training weekly schedule

The lads, after this afternoon practice, will be back to train tomorrow morning with the pre-game walkthrough at 10.15 am. After the match against FeralpiSalò, the Ac Reggiana’s players will be back to practice the following morning (Thursday) at 10.30 am. Friday and Saturday the lads will practice at 2.45 pm, while the walkthrough is…

Arbitro Generico
13 December 2016
Reggiana-Feralpi: Mr. Dionisi will be the referee

Mr. Federico Dionisi, from L’Aquila, will be the referee of Reggiana-Feralpi Salò (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, kick off at 8.30 pm). The first linesman will be Mr. Alessandro Rotondale; the second linesman will be Mr. Felice Sante Marinenza. Both are from L’Aquila, too.

Allenamento 45
12 December 2016
This morning’s practice: cool down for the starters of yesterday, tactics and pick up game for the subs

The Ac Reggiana players met this morning to restart practicing for the match of Wednesday against FeralpiSalò (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, kick off at 8.30 pm). The starters of yesterday did the usual cool down practice that happens after every game, while the subs did a tactical work and finished with a short sided…

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