These are the comments of Reggiana’s management to the fixtures.
Stefano Compagni, Vice President: «There was a lot of anticipation for the derby against Parma, and we have the chance to celebrate Christmas in our best fashion and close out great our regular season».
Guido Tamelli, CEO: «We begin in the same place that gave us one of our biggest disappointments two years ago. It is a chance to start this season in the best possible way. It’s a fascinating tournament, and we will enlight our Christmas festivities playing on the 26th and 30th of December».
Maurizio Franzone, General Manager: «We need to face every opponent, of course, nevertheless we can say that we will need to be ready for a quite interesting start of the season. We are aware that it will be a tough and even season for every team in the group»·.
Andrea Grammatica, Director of Football: «It’s a strange twist of destiny: we will play against Parma in our last day of the season. However, our start is quite tough, and we ought to be ready. Bassano is a very dangerous team, as solid as possible, and Venezia in our third day of the season will be a tough test. It’s a hard start of the season, but that won’t play a pivotal factor in my approach to it: we will need to be ready regardless whom we’ll play against.»