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Under 17_Esultanze
25 January 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy: no defeats, again

It was another week end to remember for the Ac Reggiana Academy. No defeats and lots of good performances by the lads. The Berretti keeps topping the table after an excellent 3-0 against Forlì. Great win by the Under 17 team in Santarcangelo. Same fate for the Under 15 against Santarcangelo too. Under 16 came…

Il nuovo staff tecnico della Reggiana
24 January 2017
Today’s practice: technical warm up, pressure pick up game, athletic work and shortsided match

New Ac Reggiana First Team coach, Leonardo Menichini’s first practice has just ended. The lads opened their session with a technical warm-up, they then played several pickup games with no goals with some athletic work in between. The session finished with a short sided match and some stretching to cool down. Dario Maltese e Trevor…

Franzone e Menichini
24 January 2017
Leonardo Menichini is the new Ac Reggiana’s First Team coach

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces that Mr. Leonardo Menichini is the new First Team coach taking office starting from today.Mr. Menichini was born in Ponsacco (Tuscany) on the 12th of November 1953. Mr. Menichini was born in Ponsacco (Tuscany) on the 12th of November 1953. As a player, he has 202 caps in Serie A…

Martì Riverola nuovo della Reggiana
24 January 2017
Martì Riverola new Ac Reggiana’s midfielder

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces to have signed from Foggia Calcio the athlete Martì Riverola. Riverola, midfielder, was born in Barcelona (Spain) on the 26th of January 1991. The player is a product of the Barcelona Academy, team where he first played at professional level. He then moved on loan to Vitesse Arnhem (In the…

Leonardo Colucci ex della Reggiana
23 January 2017
Leonardo Colucci relieved as coach of the first team

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces that today, Mr. Leonardo Colucci has been relieved of his duties as First Team’s coach. Alongside Mr. Colucci, has been relieved his assistant coach, Mr. Gianni Migliorini and the athletic trainer, Mr. Raffaele Gagliardo. The club takes this occasion to thank Mr. Colucci for his efforts and wishes him all the…

Luca Ghiringhelli della Reggiana in azione
23 January 2017
Happy birthday to “Ghiri” and Mattia!

Happy birthday to Luca Ghiringhelli and Mattia Bonetto. The Ac Reggiana players were born on the 23rd of January 1992, hence, today they both celebrate their 25th birthday and 20th one. To “Ghiri” and Mattia all the best from the whole granata family on this special day.

Maxime Giron, terzino sinistro della Reggiana
21 January 2017
Tomorrow’s game call ups

Ac Reggiana’s manager Leonardo Colucci called 21 players for the tomorrow’s game against Venezia. Here they are. GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli; 12 Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6 Alessandro Spanò, 13 Maxime Giron, 15 Paolo Rozzio, 20 Minel Sabotic, 23 Erik Panizzi MIDFIELDERS 5 Alessandro Sbaffo, 14 Gael Genevier, 16 Andrea Bovo, 18 Bryan Mecca, 19 Mattia…

Allenamento 4
21 January 2017
Today’s practice: agility work, team tactics, shortsided game and work on set pieces

It just ended the last practice of Ac Reggiana before the match of tomorrow against Venezia (Kick off at 6.30 pm at Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”). The lads after a work on agility, did focus on team tactics and played a short sided “nine against nine”. It all ended with the usual work on…

Lega Pro Logo
21 January 2017
The third day of the second half of the Lega Pro Group B, starts today

The third day of the second half of the Lega Pro Group B started today with the match against Mantova and Sambenedettese. At the Danilo Martelli stadium, in fact, these two teams square off with kick off scheduled at 2.30 pm.

Angelo Raffaele Nolè
21 January 2017
Angelo Raffaele Nolè transferred to Modena Fc

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces to have transferred Angelo Raffaele Nolè to Modena Fc. The club takes this occasion to thank him for the effort he put playing for Reggiana and wishes him all the best for the remainder of his career.

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