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Luigi Falcone in azione con la maglia della Reggiana
12 January 2017
Luigi Falcone loaned out to Viterbese Calcio

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces to have loaned out the winger Luigi Falcone to Viterbese Calcio. The club takes this occasion to thank Luigi for his professionalism during all these months in Reggio Emilia and wishes him every success with his new club for the remaineder of this season.

12 January 2017
Ac Reggiana Berretti beats Cremonese in a friendly. Under 17 defeated in Bassano. A good draw for the Under 15 team

The Ac Reggiana Academy got back to play after the Christmas break. Under 17 team was defetead in Bassano, while the Under 15 ended with a good draw the game against the same opponent. The Ac Reggiana Berretti won in spectacular fashion a friendly match against Cremonese. 2-0 the final score. Here are the boxscores…

Marco Guidone in allenamento
11 January 2017
Today’s double practice: strength in the morning, individual technique, team tactics and short sided game in the afternoon

Double training session today for the Ac Reggiana’s players. In the morning the lads followed a program based on strength in the gym and “transformation” on the pitch devised by the club athletic trainer, Raffaele Gagliardo. In the afternoon after a brief warm up with individual technique exercises, the team worked thoroughly on the defensive…

Reggiana 2005/2006 terza al Torneo della Befana
11 January 2017
A prestigious third place for the 2005/2006 class at the Torneo della Befana

It was an excellent weekend the last one for the Ac Reggiana Academy, as the youngest teams were headed to Florence to play in the Torneo della Befana. The kids had three intense days of games playing against teams from Tuscany and professional teams like Fiorentina, Prato, Lucchese, Arezzo and Pontedera. All the teams went…

10 January 2017
Today’s practice: gym and fitness training

Just one practice today for the lads. Because of the poor pitch conditions – the grass was freezing cold – the Ac Reggiana’s players worked only on their fitness and stamina. The first part of the session was focused on players’ strength, with work in the gym. Thet then moved onto the pitch and ran…

Gael Genevier nuovo acquisto della Reggiana
10 January 2017
Gael Genevier is the new Ac Reggiana’s addition in midfield

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA is happy to announce to have acquired from Ac Lumezzante the French midfielder, Gael Genevier. Genevier was born in Sain Martin d’Hères on the 26th of June 1982. He grew up in the Olympique Lyon Academy, the club where he first played at professional level too. On 2003 he moved to…

I ragazzi al lavoro in campo - Reggiana
9 January 2017
The restart of the trainings: physical tests in the morning, ball possession and short sided match in the afternoon

The lads got back at it this morning. The Ac Reggiana players met at the Via Agosti training ground after the winter break and got back in the practice rhythm. In the morning the players sustained a series of physical tests in group of five. In the afternoon a real training session was staged. The…

Simone Calvano della Reggiana in azione
8 January 2017
Next Saturday a friendly against Cremonese. Training restart postoponed to tomorrow

Ac Reggiana is happy to announce that a friendly match against Cremonese will take place next Saturday, 14th of January, in Scandiano (Torelli Stadium) starting at 2.30 pm. Cremonese plays in the LegaPro Group A and is second in the table behind Alessandria. Hence, due to this event, the team’s coaching staff has decided to…

Simone Perilli
7 January 2017
Happy birthday to Simone Perilli

Happy birthday to Simone Perilli. The Ac Reggiana’s goalkeeper, in fact, was born in Rome on the 7th of January 1995, hence, today, he’s celebrating his 22nd birthday. To Simo, congratulations for this special day from the whole granata family. Enjoy your time!

Allenamento 45
7 January 2017
The break is over, the lads will be back to practice tomorrow

The lads will be back at it tomorrow. The week of break from practice will, as a matter of fact, end tomorrow, Sunday, when the Ac Reggiana players and coaches will meet at the Airone Hotel at noon. They will have lunch all together and, once they will finish it, they will move to the…

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