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18 April 2017
This morning practice: cool down for the starters, “football tennis” and pick up game for the subs

There is no time to rest for the Ac Reggiana players who are already focusing on the next game: the one in Salò on Sunday. The lads, in fact, met this morning for practice at the via Agosti training facility. The yesterday match against Gubbio’s starters did a classic cool down workout by running and…

18 April 2017
FeralpiSalò-Reggiana: arbitra Raciti

LegaPro announced that FeralpiSalò-Reggiana’s referee will be Mr. Francesco Raciti from Acireale. His first linesman will be Mr. Andrea Zingrillo from Seregno. His second linesman will be Miss Veronica Martinelli from Seregno too.

Alessandro Cesarini - Reggiana
16 April 2017
Reggiana-Gubbio: the call ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Menichini called twenty-one players for tomorrow’s match against Gubbio. Here they are GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli; 12 Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 3 Daniele Pedrelli, 6 Alessandro Spanò, 15 Paolo Rozzio,20 Minel Sabotic, 23 Erik Panizzi, 24 Luca Ghiringhelli, 25 Trevor Trevisan, 28 Sergio Contessa MIDFIELDERS 5 Alessandro Sbaffo, 8 Dario Maltese, 10…

16 April 2017
This morning practice: individual warm up, ball possessions, rapidity, pick up game and work on set pieces

It took place this morning the last Ac Reggiana players practice before the match of tomorrow night against Gubbio (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, kick-off at 8.45 pm). The lads started with an individual warm-up and a series of ball possessions with and without opponents. Then they work with club fitness and conditioning coach Franco…

Beppe Alessi - Reggiana
15 April 2017
The whole Reggiana family celebrates the “first” forty years of Beppe Alessi

It’s a special day for the entire granata family. As a matter of fact the whole granata community celebrates one of the club’s icons of the last decade: Beppe Alessi. “El diez”, as a matter of fact, celebrates today his first forty years old being born on the 15th of April 1977. To Beppe go the…

Patentino Uefa B - Reggiana
15 April 2017
Four Ac Reggiana Academy coaches get the UEFA B badge

It was a great day for Cris Gilioli, Manuel Morabito, Federico Zambelli and Andrea Moratti. They all got promoted to the UEFA B badge course that took place in Parma. The four Ac Reggiana Academy coaches passed the exams with flying marks. Alongside them, the club’s former striker, Paolo Rossi, got brilliantly promoted too.

15 April 2017
This morning’s practice: technical warm up, “tactical” pick up game and work on set pieces

It just ended the Ac Reggiana players practice. The lads begun with a technical warm up and then played a “tactical” pick up game with the goalkeepers in goal. Team’s coach Leonardo Menichini let the players play a “classic style” short sided pick up game and finished the work out with the usual work on…

14 April 2017
Today’s practice: athletic warm up and pick up game

The Ac Reggiana players practiced this afternoon at the via Agosti training facility. The lads started with an athletic warm up and then did several “11 against zero”. The training session finished with a pick up game eleven against eleven on a slightly smaller pitch. Ettore Marchi did not practice because of a problem to…

14 April 2017
The whole granata family close to Marco Guidone

The whole granata family gets close to Marco Guidone who lost the beloved granny last night. To Marco go the deepest condolences from the entire club and its fans.

Allenamento Reggiana - 65
13 April 2017
Today’s practice: athletic work, positional tactics and pick up game

It just ended the Ac Reggiana players practice. The lads devoted a big part of the work out to the athletic side of the game with the club strength and conditioning trainer, Franco Ferrini. Afterwords they worked on the positional tactics, with the fullbacks on one half of the pitch and the midfielders and forwards…

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