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29 June 2018
Reggiana presents the first compliances for the registration

Reggiana communicates that the first compliances for the registration of the team at the season 2018/2019 has been made, in order to explore others solutions for the future of the company.

26 June 2018
Open Letter to the people of Reggio

To all Concerned Fans and Supporters of Reggio, After todays “alleged” meeting with the mayor and or entrepenuaers was cancelled by the  group… not by myself. i am officially stating the piazza family will not participate in funding the team next year.  there has only been talk and rumours of c collaboration, yet no one…

13 June 2018
Vice President Alicia Piazza’s statement

” Unfortunately Reggiana has been under attack from negative forces since Mike’s arrival. The project was ambitious.  One that Mike and I put our hearts, time, energy and finances into. But besides the legal battles, and stadium bulling, the suspicious loss in Siena was the final blow. We are generous but we are not crazy….

12 June 2018
President Mike Piazza’s statement

“After recent events, and much thought and consideration, Alicia and I have decided to make Reggiana available for sale, in whole or in part. This is a significant battle for one family to fight alone. And, unfortunately, there are approaching deadlines that do not afford us the time to take a break and work through…

4 June 2018
The President Mike Piazza after Siena – Reggiana.

“I was not available last night to give a comment because I had to return home with my children, I feel sorry for them that they had to witness such corruption and incompetence I am throughly disgusted and enraged I truly feel sorry for our fans, they don’t deserve this. It is truly a sad…

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