This morning at the headquarters of Via Mogadiscio the Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA CEO Maurizio Franzone and the Sirecom CEO, Luca Del Rio, have signed a commercial agreement, which will see the San Martino’s company at the side of President Mike Piazza companies until 30.06.2018.

“The granata project fascinated me from the first moment in which I was exposed – the first words of an excited Luke Del Rio – and I thank all the company’s staff for allowing me to enter the Pool Granata. The Reggiana brand is very well known today, stands out and qualify all companies who decide to unite their brand to Reggiana’s. As a company we are studying some highly convenient services for all the supporters of the club, because I feel I somehow repay all the love they show to the team of our city. »

“The safety of people and property is classified as a primary good for everyone – begins, the CEO Maurizio Franzone – and we are happy to count in our family who every day work to secure it. We welcome Luca and his company with great affection and we are confident that will even more input increase the values of the whole Pool Granata “.

Reliability, safety, professionalism and experience are qualities that can be recognized in the daily work of Sirecom .

Sirecom vanta un’importante esperienza direttamente acquisita nel campo delle installazioni di impianti di sicurezza ad alta tecnologia, sia come know how aziendale che come professionalità dei membri dello staff. La peculiarità è quella di garantire la migliore prestazione dei sistemi richiesti e realizzati, assicurare la semplicità d’uso e l’efficacia del sistema. Il tutto con costi di installazione ed esercizio competitivi.

Firma Sirecom
The signing of the agreement

Sirecom boasts significant experience directly in the area of installation of high-tech security systems, both as a company know how that as a professional staff member. The peculiarity is to ensure the best performance of the required and implemented systems, ensuring ease of use and effectiveness of the system. All with competitive installation and operating costs.

Sirecom is in a position to draw up a free estimate, detailed and not binding for the customer. Sirecom can offer a performance of works with highly skilled employees and in compliance with safety regulations, as well as a thoughtful and timely after-sales service with availability 24 hours on 24 to 365 days.

Sirecom is able to meet every demand for security with burglar alarms, robbery, CCTV, fire, access control, automation in the field of security, home automation, safes, Fog Cannons and custom systems, creating systems for every type of user, from that private, industrial and public.

Sirecom is based in San Martino in Rio ( Reggio Emilia).