After the win fest of last weekend, the Ac Reggiana Academy teams will be back on the pitch this incoming weekend. The first team to open will be the Berretti one. The lads of coach Paolo Zanetti will play in Padova against the locals of Padova Calcio. The game will be played tomorrow at at the historical Appiani Stadium.

Reggiana Under 16 will play a friendly match against Virtus Libertas. The class 2004 will travel to Bologna to play against Bologna, while 2006 will play against Reggiana Tricolore, the class 2007 will play in Guastalla against Saturno. While 2008-2009-2010 will play in their groups.

On Sunday, Under 17 and Under 15 will play against Pordenone. The class 2003 will play in Piacenza against the “wolves” at 11 o’ clock. The class of 2005 will close the weekend against Reggio Calcio.

Complete fixtures:

Berretti: Padova – Reggiana, @ Padova, 3 pm.
Allievi Under 16 Lega Pro: Virtus Libertas – Reggiana, 3,30 pm in Pieve Modolena.

Giovanissimi Regionali: Bologna – Reggiana, 4,00 pm, .
Pulcini 2006 B: Tricolore Reggiana – Reggiana,  5,30 pm, Cimurri’s ground.

Pulcini 2007 B: Saturno Guastalla – Reggiana,  4,30 pm @ Guastalla.
Pulcini 2008: Groups in Pratissolo starting at 2,30 pm.


Allievi Under 17 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Pordenone,  2,00 pm, Via Canalina ground.

Giovanissimi Under 15 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Pordenone,  3,00 pm,  Via Luthuli ground.

Giovanissimi Regionali: Piacenza – Reggiana, 11,00 am @ Piacenza.
Esordienti 2005: Reggiana – Reggio Calcio,  10,00 am, Oratorio Don Bosco.

Pulcini 2006 A: Virtus Correggio – Reggiana,  6,30 pm @ Correggio.