It’s another week end of important games for the Ac Reggiana Academy teams, after the outstanding streak of results of these latest weeks.

The Berretti team will face Sassuolo in a derby on Saturday 12th. Day where a lot of younger ages team will play. The “Accademia granata” will play against Progetto Intesa, Santos, FalkGalileo and, Sammartinese.

Sunday 13th, Giovanissimi Regionali and Esordienti Regionali will play on the road against Pro Piancenza (the first) and Forlì (the latter). Esordienti 2005 will play against Progetto Intesa. Allievi Under 17 and Giovanissimi Under 15 will play at home both against Ancona, while Allievi Under 16 will play against Pordenone.

Here’s the full schedule:

Berretti: Sassuolo – Reggiana,  2,30pm @ Castelvetro.
Pulcini 2006 A: Reggiana – Progetto Intesa, 3,00 pm al Don Bosco.

Pulcini 2006 B: Santos – Reggiana, 5,00 pm
Pulcini 2007 A: Reggiana – FalkGalileo,  3,30pm.
Pulcini 2007 B: Sammartinese – Reggiana, 5,00 pm @ San Martino in Rio.

Pulcini 2008: Groups at 3,30 pm @ Reggiolo.


Allievi Under 17 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Ancona, 12,30 am.

Allievi Under 16 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Pordenone, 3,00 am.

Giovanissimi Under 15 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Ancona,  2,00 pm @ Casalgrande.

Giovanissimi Regionali: Pro Piacenza – Reggiana, 11,00 am @ Podenzano.

Esordienti Regionali: Forlì – Reggiana, 11,00 am @ Forlì.
Esordienti Provinciali: Progetto Intesa – Reggiana, 10,30 am @ Cadelbosco di Sopra.

Pulcini 2006 – 2007 – 2008: Test match vs Hellas Verona @ Montecchio di Crosara.