Second weekend of the year full of matches for the Ac Reggiana Academy. The Ac Reggiana Berretti will play in Mantova for the last game of the first half of the season. The Under 17 team will play against San Marino as they will try to “right the ship” after the loss of last weekend. Under 16 will play against Pro Piacenza. Under 15 will play at home against San Marino. 2003-2004 will play in two friendlies against Imolese. The 2007 and 2008 classes will play in the Lombo Academy tournament.

Here is the scProgramma:


Berretti: Mantova – Reggiana, ore 2,30 pm @ Mantova.
Esordienti 2005: Reggiana – Santos, 3,00 pm

Pulcini 2006 A: Arcetana – Reggiana, 4,30 pm @ Arceto.


Allievi Under 17 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Federazione Sammarinese, 12,15 pm.
Allievi Under 16 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Pro Piacenza, 10,20 am.
Giovanissimi Under 15 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Federazione Sammarinese, 12,15 pm.

Giovanissimi Regionali: Reggiana – Imolese, 2,30 pm.

Esordienti Regionali: Reggiana – Imolese, 3,45 pm.

Esordienti 2005: Torneo Fair Play, dalle ore 2,30 pm.

Pulcini 2006 B: Reggiana – Solierese, 10,30 am.
Pulcini 2007 A e 2008: Torneo Lomboacademy, 9,45 am.
Pulcini 2007 B: Reggiana – Sant’Ilario, 3,00 pm @ Traversetolo.