The Ac Reggiana Academy is back at full engine after the Easter tournaments of last week. The incoming weekend will be the last regular season one for Under 17 and Under 15 who will finish it with a derby. Il will be the last regular season match for the Berretti team too, that will face Mantova at home.

Giovanissimi Regionali and Esordienti Regionali will play in Bologna and Cesena respectively.

The class 2005 will play against Progetto Intesa in Cadelbosco di Sopra. 2006, 2007 and 2008 teams will all be involved during the weekend.

Here it is the complete schedule


Berretti: Reggiana – Mantova, 3,00 pm in Casalgrande.
Esordienti Regionali: Cesena – Reggiana, 4,00 pm @ Martorano.
Pulcini 2006 B: Consolata – Reggiana, 5,00 pm @ Sassuolo.
Pulcini 2007 B: Reggiana – Saturno, 4,00 pm, Centro Sportivo Reggiana.

Pulcini 2008: Reggiana – Reggio Calcio, 4,00 pm, Centro Sportivo Reggiana.


Allievi Under 17 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Parma, 1,00 pm, via della Canalina.

Giovanissimi Under 15 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Parma, 11,00 am, @ Calerno.
Giovanissimi Regionali: Bologna – Reggiana, 10,30 am, @ Bologna.
Esordienti 2005: Progetto Intesa – Reggiana, 10,30 am, @ Cadelbosco Sopra.

Pulcini 2007 A: Torneo Enjoy Cup, 11,00 am, a Castel Maggiore (Bologna).