Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA is particularly proud to launch the club’s new Official Store. It will be our “embassy” in the city center of Reggio Emilia, and the hope is to make it part of the heart and soul of our fan base in downtown.

We, as a club, are incredibly proud to have made this happen in such a short time. For this to be, we have encountered distinguished professionals who gave their best effort to meet the club’s needs and expectations.

The list of the people to thank is long. Our first thought goes to Luca Quintavalli, Olmedo’s president, partner of our Official Store and one of our kit sponsors.

Besides Olmedo, we want to deeply thank Eta Beta, G&B di Bonini arredamenti, Ppi&Partner studio as well as Nuova Castelli – club’s other main kit sponsor -, Cantina di Aljano, Bar Europa and Bottega Gastronomico who took care of the hospitality in this special day for the club.

We put our heart over our sleeve with our efforts and thoughts. We do hope our fans appreciate it and will meet with favor Ac Reggiana’s new Official Store.