Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA midfielder, Alessandro Sbaffo, underwent today to an arthroscopic surgery to his torn left knee. The procedure was necessary after his injury during the match against Mantova two weeks ago. The procedure took place at the Villa Salus Hospital, in Reggio Emilia, and was made by the orthopedic specialist, Doctor Rodolfo Rocchi, and his group of doctors, under the supervision of the club’s orthopedic consultant, Doctor Ivo Tartaglia. The surgery, which lasted roughly 90 minutes, was determined to remove the player’s external meniscus and to inject growth factors over the ACL which appeared mildly damaged on its posterior side, while the arthroscopic procedure went on. The chief of the club’s medical department, Doctor Franco Taglia, was present to the entire procedure.

Sbaffo will leave the hospital this evening and will begin his rehabilitation program tomorrow.

The entire granata family takes the occasion to wish to the players all the best in this challenging moment.