11 April 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end: Berretti and Under 17 will have a ride to the National Finals

Another weekend for the ages for the Ac Reggiana Academy. Almost all the teams won during the weekend and the Berretti team fly into the National Finals by being at the top of the table thanks to the win on the road in Ancona. Same fate for the Under 17 team that won in Mantova…

31 March 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end schedule: key matches for Berretti and Under 17

It will be a key match for the Ac Reggiana Berretti that will travel to Bellaria where the Paolo Zanetti’s team will play against Santarcangelo. Same fate for the Under 17 team that will play another key match for its future against Padova. Same opponent for the Under 15. Under 16 will play against Padova…

Reggiana Berretti in azione
24 March 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end starts today with an Under 15 friendly against Sassuolo

The Ac Reggiana Berretti si back on the pitch after the Viareggio Cup. The opponent of tomorrow will be Bassano Virtus. Under 17 and Under 16 will play a scrimmage against each other as their own leagues are stopped. Another friendly match for the Under 15 that will play today against Sassuolo. Giovanissimi Regionali will…

Cuore granata
28 January 2017
Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA signs the young forward Kone

With regards to the news appeared on several website and press outlets yesterday and today, Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA confirms the signing of the forward class 1998 Alfred Mamadou Kone. The player will finish the season on loan with his actual club, A.S.D. Martinsicuro, and will join our club at the beginning of the 2017/2018…

Reggiana 2005/2006 terza al Torneo della Befana
11 January 2017
A prestigious third place for the 2005/2006 class at the Torneo della Befana

It was an excellent weekend the last one for the Ac Reggiana Academy, as the youngest teams were headed to Florence to play in the Torneo della Befana. The kids had three intense days of games playing against teams from Tuscany and professional teams like Fiorentina, Prato, Lucchese, Arezzo and Pontedera. All the teams went…

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