Reggiana Calcio and Ceramica Rondine, one of the most prosperous industrial groups in the ceramic sector, announce that they have signed an important commercial agreement valid until 30 June 2019.

For Ceramica Rondine company, football represents an opportunity to underline its vocation to dynamism and innovation and consolidate its presence in certain strategic markets, such as the American one.

“Ceramica Rondine sees in football, and in particular in Reggiana, another area to demonstrate its mission, which sees in its values ​​such as Precision, Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability its own pillars “, says Lauro Giacobazzi, president of Ceramica Rondine.

“Football thus becomes an ideal forum for dialogue with its target, which identifies sport as a place to share values ​​and passions. We chose Reggiana, because as we do they base their success on teamwork willing to always reach excellence. This agreement will bring great successe to both companies, we are sure of that”.

The close agreement with team Granata allows Ceramica Rondine to have a wide visibility both at the stadium in Reggio Emilia, and on all the promotional material that gravitates around the initiatives organized by Reggiana. The brand of the partner company will in fact be present in rotation on the LED panels placed on the sideline during each game played at home, on the backdrop in the mixed zone and on the totems in the hospitality area.

The presence of Ceramica Rondine could not be missing on the official website of the team, with active links, banners and promotional-advertising pages.

“I am very satisfied with the agreement reached, because it allows us to continue to firmly believe in the path of strengthening the company – Mike Piazza immediately after signing the contract – to see that such an important industrial group, present in the territory for over 50 years chosen the Reggiana to promote its image in the world gratifies us of all the efforts made to date. I am sure that together we could reach important goals “.

Ceramica Rondine produces floors and walls in three main locations and plants, located in Rubiera, Vetto and Sassuolo.

With an annual turnover of over 110 million euros, 270 employees and 8 million square meters produced, it positions three leading companies in the sector.