Ac Reggiana’s coach, Leonardo Colucci met with the press before the match between Gubbio and Reggiana.

«Gubbio? The table speaks for them. We play a team that has a lot of enthusiasm; that won the Serie D last year, and that plays some quality football. They know each other well, they do have players who have previous experiences in Lega Pro and Serie B. With all this said, it is about us. It will be about our approach and attitude, with the hope that the team understands what I want from the lads tomorrow».

Reggiana being stronger at home than on the road

«Away from home, we did bad against Pordenone. Against Padova, we did an excellent first half creating at least four scoring chances. However it the approach that matter. The expectation is that the team will step up in this matter».

What kind of team we will see tomorrow.

«We’ll see. I need to see a couple of things. Some of the lads haven’t been able to practice consistently during the week because of some of them were banged up, some other had the flu. For sure we will see eleven guys who will be ready to give a good fight. It is what I’m asking for tomorrow, regardless of what kind of system we will use».

A team that will be ready to fight

«That’s what I’m expecting from the lads. A pro athlete must be competitive regardless of the opponent is facing. It’s a natural attitude he must possess».

The different tactical systems that could be used tomorrow

«I’ve tried different during the week. It’s not an indication. It all depends on various factors. More importantly, it will depend on how the players feel because we are a bit shorthanded in defense and midfield. I need to see a couple of things before making up my mind».

December will be crucial for the team

«It will be a particular month for us. If I look at the schedule, I see that we will have only five days to prepare the match against Bassano that will come after such an important game for us like the Parma one. Parma that will have eight days to prepare the derby, while we have four days to do the same. These are the facts. All that said, we won’t make excuses and we will play at our best, with the purpose to win every game we play. It is also a strange month, because we have a lot of players out with injuries and we are not able to rotate them giving rest to the lads who played the most. It is the same situation that we faced in September with four games in eleven days, and we experienced a couple of setbacks during that span. Now, our focus is on tomorrow. That’s for sure».

What kind of game to expect tomorrow in Gubbio

«Gubbio plays a good brand of football. They have a lot of enthusiasm thanks to matches they won in a convincing fashion. We have a lot of respect for them, but we need to do well. Usually, when we do well, the outcome will follow.

How is the atmosphere in the team by topping the table

«Table in December is nonessential. It doesn’t mean anything. We don’t look at the table. Obviously, we are happy because it means we are going in the right direction, but we can’t let our position in the table dictate our approach to our job. What matters are the last five games of the season, and we will see where we will come that time. But we can be influenced by the table now; the team doesn’t need this kind of pressure now. What is sure is that we want to win. All of us, and me first».

Could (Alessandro) Cesarini be part of the starting eleven tomorrow?

«Alessandro doesn’t have the 90 minutes in his legs. In the future, he can surely play alongside (Ettore) Marchi, or playing him and (Angelo Raffaele) Nolè together, as long as they sacrifice for the team. We can put three, four players, up front, but they ought to defend like their team mates. They ought to defend and attack in the most proper way».