“Guido Tamelli, CEO of AC Reggiana 1919 is pleased to announce the entry into the Pool granata of Emak Group.” It ‘a significant proof of esteem and confidence – remarks Tamelli – that will give us the strength to grow and improve our ability to be ambassadors of reggianità and at the same time internationalization vectors of our club. Are the two goals that thanks to Emak we want to achieve.”
“We are very pleased to become part of the granata family. – Says Fausto Bellamico, Chairman of Emak – our commitment, who has been pursuing in favor of sports events in the city, goes perfectly with the universal values that A.C. Reggiana 1919 rappresent, principles that are the basis of the best corporate culture. We have chosen to support the granata club that can count on an important tradition and a unique fan base, excited about the advent of Mike Piazza, which we are certain will pursue with passion and determination the team an youth sector project of growth.
To whole the team – concluded Bellamico: i want to wish a big “good luck” for the current championship, from which we expect great satisfaction “.
The Emak Group develops, produces and distributes a wide range of products in three business areas: outdoor power equipment, which includes products for gardening, forestry and agriculture activities such as brush cutters, lawnmowers, garden tractors, chainsaws, tillers and walking tractors with brands Oleo-Mac, Efco, Bertolini and Nibbi; pumps and high pressure water jetting, which fans of diaphragm pumps for the agricultural sector (spraying and weeding), piston high and very high pressure pumps for the industrial sector, pressure washers, hydrodynamic machines and units for urban cleaning with Comet brands, HPP, PTC, Master Fluid and Lemasa; components and accessories for the aforementioned areas, the most representative of which are wire and heads for brush cutters, chain saws accessories (eg. sharpeners), guns, valves and nozzles for high pressure cleaners and agricultural applications, precision farming (sensors and computers), seats and technical parts for tractors with Tecomec brands, Speed, Geoline, Geoline Electronic, Mecline, Sabart, Raico.
The Group commercilize its products worldwide through 28 company, more than 150 distributors and over 30,000 specialty retailers and has 1,693 employees. In 2015 the Group achieved sales of 381.6 million Euros.