While the nineteen players called by Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Colucci will be involved in the LegaPro Cup match against Modena (Today in Modena, kick off at 2.30 pm), nine players met at the Via Agosti training grounds to practice or do some therapies

Andrea Bovo, Dario Maltese, Raffaele Nolè e Trevor Trevisan did a practice session under the supervision of the athletic trainer Raffaele Gagliardo.

Luca Ghiringhelli (right ankle), Ettore Marchi (left ankle), Simone Perilli (bruised thigh), Marco Guidone (fatigue) and, Daniele Pedrelli (Rehabbing from the thigh injury and being in Reggio because the Isokinetic Center is closed because of festivities) did specific therapies under the supervision of the other club athletic trainer Cristian Freghieri.

Simone Calvano (abdominal muscolar injury) did some specific treatment with the club physio Remigio Del Sole.