Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa is pleased to announce that Dodi Srl and Gelateria Panama enter in the Pool Granata for the first time.

«We did not hesitate one second in accepting the offer by Ac Reggiana to become part of the Pool Granata – states Mr. Federico Vecchi, shareholder of Dodi Srl – We are a young company, very dynamic and with the same exact passion for the sport and its values».

«These are  the values that we share with Reggiana – adds Mr. Carlo Ciliberti, shareholder of both Dodi Srl and Gelateria Panama -. Hence, we are so proud to have become partners of the club. At the same time, we are studying forms of promotions that could be advantageous for the club and its tifosi that will announce in the incoming days».

«Once again we can touch with our hands how tight is the bond between our territory and Ac Reggiana – adds Mr. Gianni Perin, who is shareholder of the club – Gelateria Panama is a well-known brand in our city and I hope it could become a point of aggregation for our supporters as I believe that this partnership could bring significant added value to both parties involved».