Hotel Boiardo has confirmed its partnership with The AC Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. increasingly becoming the focal point of our president Mike Piazza for his journeys in Reggio Emilia.
Hotel Boiardo is a passive building perfectly placed in the natural setting of the hills of Emilia, built with green materials and totally eco-sustainable. The goal is to combine respect for the environment and dialogue with the territory with the welfare of our customers. The Boiardo Hotel owes its name to Matteo Maria Boiardo, author of the poem of chivalry The Orlando in love. A tribute to the history of Scandiano, where Boiardo was born, and the great themes narrated in his masterpiece: love, magic, duels and adventure.
The Boiardo hotel is equipped with a space designed to be the ideal setting for conferences, meetings, presentations. Equipped with the best audiovisual technologies is conditioned by air circulation to ensure total well-being to visitors.
In a very short time the Hotel Boiardo became the point of reference for all professional sports clubs that have football events in our area experiencing competence, professionalism and comfort.A boutique hotel that combines eco-hospitality and the welcome Made in Italy. A little jewel of green design, all dedicated to the welfare of the guests. Simply “a special place.”