“I am here and I guarantee you Reggiana is in good hands.

The life and sport have taught me that to achieve the goal must know how to fight and fight for the goal that you’re given to yourself. You must be able to lock down the helm of the command and stay the course. When I decided to enter the Reggiana I was conscious of everything… Today I’m even more so after having crossed a stormy sea. I know the task that awaits me.
I’ve always said that Reggiana is a heritage of the fans, the city and my duty is to put it in security, protect it, make it sustainable to be able to look up to ambitious horizons. It’s the mission of mine and my wife Alicia.
I do not feel myself an only man in command because behind me there is a whole army. A city that is identified with the club. I have a rich treasure of values, feelings, passion and football history. The same love and dedication that I put every day in recent months, to give a solid future to the club. We have overcome many obstacles to secure the health of the club. Step by step we will continue to forge ahed.
The company’s doors are wide open for those who want the good of Reggiana, I’m referring to Gianni Perin, Nunzio Annovi and Gianfranco Medici, who are making an integral part of the garnet family, as anyone else who is honest and has the same vision as we do. A family that has such great heritage in its fans, the many partners who in recent months have given us confidence and support us. They deserve my eyes, my commitment and my dedication.
When I arrived in Italy, in Reggio Emilia, at Reggiana I was seen as the “American uncle”. Today my family lives here, my children will study here. I feel a man of Reggio, I love this land and I feel ambassador of the excellences that are produced in Reggio Emilia.
The sporting goal is to leave as soon as the Serie C and all of us are working hard. The whole company is projected in achieving this goal. Every day we work, together, for this mission. The difficulties do not scare us, we can overcome all obstacles because we are “testa quedra.” I learned the meaning of being a Reggio man: stubborn people, hard-working, who never gives up, proud and tough but with a big heart.
Reggiana is in good hands because it belongs to all of you.”

Mike Piazza