A significant confirmation in the Pool Granata 2016/17. The CTM of Casalgrande has decided to renew its engagement with the A.C. Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. family, showing great confidence for the coming in of Mike Piazza properties and confirming the friendship with Stefano Compagni and Gianfranco Medici.
“I’m not saying that this will be a the good year – emphasizes Bruno Severi – because we must always have a bit of caution, but I think we have laid the foundation for giving to our wonderful audience the satisfaction he deserves. In this logic we have tried to give our contribution as a partner company.”
The CTM, which has its headquarters in Villalunga of Casalgrande, was established in 1989, she deals with the marketing of “Technical Articles” and It has always praised a great experience, thanks to the footprint immediately given by its founder president and CEO┬áBruno Severi.
The company today counts 36 employees in addition to a number of agents who are in the territory, all combined with an efficient service that ensures rapid delivery by addressing the many urgent needs. The newly renovated and expanded warehouse, covers an area of 6000 mq. divided into three floors and is located in a strategic position between Rubiera-Sassuolo, and has recently added a new inventory of more than 2000 square meters.
NKE official resellers and franchisees of I.S.B. Bearings and Components and -K-G.F. Transmission Power for transmission elements.
“Bruno Severi is first of all a friend – said Gianfranco Medici, Reggiana shareholder -. A friendship born in the classroom, and that has been consolidated over time. Bruno has confirmed his respect and trust, and for us this is a big source of pride and a responsibility that we hope not to disappoint. As said Severi, this is a very balanced and difficult championship but we are ready to do battle on every field. “