Tecno Diamant is responsible for sales in the world of diamond tools, has about 70 employees and branches / offices in Spain, Poland and Brazil.

It ‘was incorporated in May 1995 and three sons, Titian, Mauro and Cristian, work in the company.

“Our commitment to Reggiana – explains Atos Serradimigni – born from friendship with Stefano Compagni, the passion for the sport but also by the desire to make a contribution to the development of the youth sector and especially football Academy.”

“The Serradimigni family is particularly attentive and committed in the social – underlines the vice president Stefano Compagni – and goes in this direction the will of the group to make a contribution to the sporting and moral growth of our young guys that follow with Reggiana a path of educational growth, without neglecting their passion for the sport and for the educational projects that Reggiana is building, which Athos has supported from the beginning .”

Tecno Diamant is a leading company in the production and dstribution of diamond tools for stoneware, single-fired, natural stone, marble and granite. A company that combines ideas and shared values, a company that every day is committed to produce and distribute worldwide diamond tools for the ceramic industry and natural stones.

Within the company, the attention to detail is combined with the ability to understand the needs of the client in an organized structure with a constantly evolving research laboratory, able to respond quickly to the development of ceramic technology.