Coach Paolo Beretti is extremely satisfied by the Ac Reggiana Under 17 season. He is also very aware that the juicy part of the season is the one that opens up on Sunday with the first leg of the play-off against Lecce. It’s a tough trip and an opponent that deserves the utmost respect

«Our season? – Says coach Beretti – It was extremely positive. Almost surprising. I inherited a group that has been together for two years. Hence we can rightly say that the foundations of it were quite solid. The club was great in adding several quality players to give a boost to the others».

Many were the ups and few the downs during the season: «Let’s say that the only real difficulty was to help the newcomers to gel with the others, but I was fortunate to have such an incredible coaching staff, with the likes of Beppe Alessi, Manuel Morabito, and Luca Malaguti. The positives? Well, the growth of the team throughout the season technically and from a personality standpoint».

In the end it is time to focus on the play off and set the goals about it: «The goal is obviosely to do the best we can. We want to showcase all our skills and abilities. Also, we want to sincerely enjoy the moment without thinking too much ahead of ourselves. Lecce is a good team, we know the way they play but that’s normal. At this point of the season teams know each other pretty well».