“Len Solution it’s our privileged partner and a reference point for our growth as football company – underlines the vice president of Reggiana football Stefano Compagni – but also a big fan of Reggiana. It is for this reason that I stress with satisfaction and pride the confirmation of Len Solution in the granata family. Giaroni Cristiano, CEO of the company, has been from the beginning a valuable travel companion and will remain in the future. By virtue of his insight, his professionalism and his passion, the Ac Reggiana can make a quantum leap. ”

“Our mission, challenging and stimulating, is making a difference – remarks Cristiano Giaroni. Len Solution produces software but not all. I like to think that we are something more. We are possible technology partners reliable and level, we are able to advise before to intervene with our solutions. In this logic fits the partnership with the AC Reggiana 1919 that in addition to seize the reasons of the heart is a vehicle to offer to local companies our professionalism. ”

Len Solution is a “software engineering” engaged in several operational areas. Over the years he specialized in the production control, flow analysis, forecasting performance, KPI monitoring, and more generally it has a range of services related to the management of the logistics business. The mission is to offer innovative solutions and / or worn to measure.

Len Solution consists of a high quality team and experienced, IT professionals and consultants, as well as a dozen developers offering innovative software targeted to address some of the central demands in the company.