Ac Reggiana’s coach Leonardo Colucci met with the press today.

Here are his answers

The Forlì match

«We face a tough opponent. They were up by two goals  after 70 minutes in Bassano on Wednesday, and this makes us think about a hard game to play. It will be a dogfight, as they were the other 15 matches that we have already played».

How dangerous is Forlì?

«Well, they are on a good run lately. I think Forlì just lost one game in the last five. We have a lot of respect for them, but I am more focused on my lads than on the other team. We have to show maturity and that we have grown. Tomorrow I am expecting the guys to approach the game in the right way».

The changes in the line-up

«Well, we are trying different setups and tactics. It could happen that we go back to a “back four” scheme. I can’t stress enough that it is not about tactics, it is how you play on the pitch on match day. In Gubbio, we created several scoring chances, and they did the same and, after all, we got two goals against us. It’s the approach and the attitude of the players that matters».

So many matches in so little time

«I have to take into account the physical and mental conditions of the lads. The starting eleven are not always the ideal one. We are aware that we have to face an intense period of the match, but we take it one at the time. Tomorrow we have Forlì, and for me, it’s the most important of the five we are waiting for. Tomorrow it’s like a Champions League Final.»ladsHow important is the game of tomorrow

«I’ve said it to the lads. It’s the most important one. We leave town today. It wasn’t planned to be, but the boys asked it. We want to take care of every detail».

The choices in midfield

«We don’t have a true playmaker because Maltese is injured. However in football nowadays a midfielder must be able to do many different things: he has to be good to play in two, in three, as a playmaker, or as a box to box midfielder. I would be offended if I was deemed only as a fixed type of midfielder in this kind of football, to be honest with you».

The assessment over the Lega Pro Group B

«It’s such a difficult group. Venezia just won with a penalty. Pordeone drew 0-0 against AlbinoLeffe. We were the only team who was able to beat them in the last ten games. It means something to us. It’s a beautiful league. Tough. But beautiful».

The inner meaning about the fact that the lads wanted to go on a mini camp before the game of tomorrow

«We want to make the lads feel responsible about themselves and their job. Nothing is set in stone for them, I want them to know. I keep telling them. They can reach the Serie A one day. Why not? They have a living example before them, every single day: his name is Leo Colucci. No jokes, I’ve played in the lower leagues and climbed the ladder and reached the peak, and that happened because of hard work and dedication. Determination, passion, heart, dedication, perseverence are unmissable ingredients in order to reach a player’s goals. They are good for everyone and they are good for Ac Reggiana this year».