Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces that Mr. Leonardo Menichini is the new First Team coach taking office starting from today.Mr. Menichini was born in Ponsacco (Tuscany) on the 12th of November 1953.

Mr. Menichini was born in Ponsacco (Tuscany) on the 12th of November 1953.

As a player, he has 202 caps in Serie A playing, among the others, with clubs like Roma, Catanzaro, and Ascoli.

As a coach, after a long tenure as Carlo Mazzone’s assistant coach, he first covered the duty as First Team coach with Lumezzane from 2008 to 2010, afterward, he took office in Crotone where he stayed there until November 2010 to go back there in February 2011. He coached Crotone until January 2012. On December 2012 he signed with Grosseto but was relieved of duties on February 2013. On March 2014 he took office in Pisa where he stayed until June. In August Menichini signed with Salernitana where he gains the promotion in Serie B in April 2015. In Salerno, he remained until June 2015 but was called back there in February 2016 to save the team from relegation. Mission accomplished by beating Lanciano at the play out against Lanciano.

During his coaching career, Mr. Menichini won a Lega Pro Cup with Lumezzane in the season 2009/2010 and a Lega Pro championship with Salernitana in 2014/2015.

Alongside Mr. Menichini, Mr Stefano Avincola has been hired as assistant coach and Prof. Franco Ferrini as the new club’s athletic trainer. Mr. Andrea Rossi (goalkeepers coach) and Prof. Cristian Freghieri (Club’s athletic trainer) have been retained.