AC Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. announces that today has reached the sponsorship agreement with M.T. Service Srl, a company founded in 2009 which is mainly engaged in the movement to provide goods and services to the ceramic companies.

<< I am particularly happy to have reached a commercial agreement with the Friends of Reggiana _ the first impressions of a happy Simone, because after attending as a guest of friends sponsors of the company to Reggiana Sambenedettese I realized that I too had to help continue to keep powered this show and enthusiasm, which I hope to see until the end of the season >>

<< Simone showed in these years his managerial skills, managing to carve out the right positioning in our area _ the fast response of Nunzio Annovi partner, and I’m sure that even within the Pool Granata will carve sports and business satisfaction, and so we are particularly pleased to announce its entrance into our family >>.