“When one year ago, I reached Reggiana, with my friend’s partners, we chose the professionals the would have had to manage our club.

Today I want to give a precise imprint to the Club and for this reasons I want to entrust a management that is in perfect tuning with my managerial philosophy and will conduct my strategic vision of the company.

I will be driven in my choices by the sense of belonging to the granata shirt and to a territory in which I believe in, because source of great talents and extraordinary competences.

I’ll give trust to men and managers that can allow the club, to have a mentality breakthrough towards the professional American sporting model.

Competence, professionalism, passion, and affiliation to the club will be the characteristics of the new management i will briefly constitute and will allow Reggiana to maintain faith to the goals i have taken which provide for – as you know – the ascent into higher categories in the medium term”

Going into specifics


I said it before and I’ll say it again: we strongly believe the youth sector will be the future of the club, even more in a moment where the soccer institutions ask us to focus on young players.

We want to dip from our own territory.

This will be our philosophy: highlight talents from Reggio both in the players and in the technical staffs.

A youth sector that represents a look into the future and meantime a Reggiana’s success story and inserted in an economic context suitable to the category.


Our target is to reach superior categories but we want to achieve them through a sustainable planning.

A walk that must proceed of equal footstep with the investments, which means the choice of professionals with a modern vision of the management and a strong sense of affiliation.

Managers able to conjugate a company strategy finalized to the correct management of the resources and a rigid respect of the budget with strong attention to the development and the organization of the talents.

Under the technical profile, we will have time to deepen our approach, but it must be clear since now, the central idea is to set up at the same time a competitive roster with prospective.


The aim is to make a breakthrough towards the american model, without losing sight to what characterizes us in the relationships with the territory.

We must have a thin and competent structure.


This is our strength which is expressed in the relationships with the entrepreneurs. From this perspective, we’ll look to improve and refine the synergies within the Pool Granata strengthening the team work.

We want and we can increase our role on the territory and develop closer relations with and between the entrepreneurial forces who believe in Reggiana project. We will devote time, energies and efforts in this direction.


Our first point of call must be our region where we will try to find new talents for the youth sector.

simultaneously we should also intensify the relationships with the others club, professional and non-professional, in order to have privileged links.


In order to plan and project the future Reggiana is crucial to have a good economical and financial governance of the club and the ability to maintain the commitments.

That’s why we want to have complete control of the company economical and financial governance through a strict budget observance and an accurate management control. In order to do this i started including professionals with recognised experience also using qualified certification structures specialised in the sector.