This season has gone into the records, not in the way we had expected and hoped, but in any case, I’m proud of the player’s effort and I want broadly thank them. The lads demonstrated to be a real group, honoring the Granata shirt and fighting until the last second putting the squeeze on a great rival as Alessandria is. I saw on the field a tight, pugnacious, proud team.

A special thank goes to our fans that have been touching for the support to the team during the season and especially during this Play-Offs. Our people has been marvelous because has given us evidence to be the true 12th man on the field and understood the spirit the is going to characterize us even in the future: giving all we can for the cause and the good of Reggiana.

Our fans have been laudable for their emotional involvement, incitement and because of the way they greeted and thanked the guys at the end of the games recognizing them the spirit of belonging that always characterized us.

A true thank goes to our sponsor that were at our side during this season and shared with us the passion the tight us in one thing, in the same way, i thank God who gave me a family that follows and support me in everything.

The season that has just concluded it was my first season as a President in charge, I’m trying to understand how to improve the structure and the company organization but for sure we invested in Reggiana many humans and financial resources which involved us for 9.5 million euro of investment during the year.

In the future we will pay more attention in the resources management and in the medium term, we want to reach the sporting goals we fixed through a company philosophy growth path and a correct resources management.

I underlined many times, spending amounts of money without a project it’s crazy but we don’t really want to sacrifice the quality of our project.

We will work to give value to the professional within our team and I’m personally fully committed dedicating energy in our strategy to find good resources.

Me and my family in order to cover all the club relevant needs and we will maintain the commitments in respects to our fans, to the city, and to everyone loves Reggiana.

With the help of God, i will find the main road.

Mike Piazza