Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA president, Mike Piazza, has a heartfelt message for all our fans:

«To all the family Granata,

on behalf of my family and partners, I would like to thank the entire community of Reggio Emilia for their support, kindness and warm welcome.  I would especially like to thank the fans, sponsors, and local officials for their passion, dedication, and love for this great team and tradition.
          Now,  I know as a former athlete that any high level of achievement in sports must first be met with pain, frustration, criticism and sacrifice.  This season was no different.  But, this season is history.  It is a NEW season. The Triumphs and failures must be forgotten.  We start anew with the playoffs.  It will be very difficult.  I ASK the players and coaches to reach deep to find the strength and courage to play as a team.  Because as individuals you are nothing, only as a team can you achieve greatness.  We are all behind you, the City, the Company sponsors and especially the Fans.
         As a former player, now as team President, I can’t express enough the gratitude and affection for the fans support this season and all seasons.  We know, Players, Coaches and team Presidents come and go, but the fans passion for this team never leaves. Now we need you more than ever to support this team and to help push us to victory.  Believe me when I say it makes the team swell with pride and play harder when you show the support as you did Sunday in Parma and every game this season.  We need your support now more than ever, I know you never let this team down.

Infinite Grazie, Ci Vediamo Presto.  DAI C’AMDOM.»

Mike Piazza