The season that is about to conclude it’s my first season behind the wheel of AC Reggiana, it has been an year of transition in which I learned the dynamics of this world and I realized the huge opportunities for improvement.

I saw and felt the great passion of people around the Team and the Company, a passion that doubled my efforts to give them the satisfaction they deserve.

We can still reach the dream of Serie B and we are aware of the difficulties that divide us from the target.

It’s very important looking to the future, and I’m already working to make the company even more solid approaching the American professional sports world, making a step forward on quality and mentality.

I’m going to continue to pursue the medium terms goals, getting promoted to a better championship.

I strongly believe in the development of the youth sector, because has always been a source of new talents, but with a rationalization of the management in order to not consume important resources.

For the immediate future, me and my staff, have decided to focus on people from the Reggiano territory, that is a big reservoir of talents.

I asked to my management to work hard to pursue better enhancements of the economical and managerial resources, in order to reach the goals we had set and in which we strongly believe.


The President

Mike Piazza