Today more than ever the Newmac Srl feels part of the AC Reggiana 1919 family. “Our confirmation alongside Reggiana born from our passion – remarks Daniele Pasticci owner of Newmac – but also by the participation that the team and fans were able to send us. We are based in Fiorano Modenese but we feel increasingly this umbilical cord that binds us to the granata company. A palpable enthusiasm and made possible by the advent of Mike Piazza as well as a solid and participatory society like Stefano Compagni wanted “.

The Newmac SRL operates in mechanical engineering for third parties since 2007, with a steady growth in both economic and technological terms. Efforts that have always been directed to the satisfaction of customers with a very large service. A Directive on the ability to improve and enrich the fleet and range of machining and the other side by organizing a structure able to propose to the customer as a partner in its sector,  able to realize, manage, and test the supply of machines and mechanical components of high complexity and precision.

Sunday ther will be the derby against Modena and for Daniele Pasticci is a special appointment: “As I have already had occasion to stress I feel” Totalmente Dipendente” which means that I keep in a special way to this challenge which will see many friends on the sidelines and acquaintances. The motto can only be: Dai c’andom “.