The erbazzone challenge  the anolinis. The derby between Reggiana and Parma could also play at the table, in a contest between excellence of the territory and among these is surely the Nonno and Nonna Lea Pepi erbazzone that for next season wants to tie its brand to ‘ AC Reggiana 1919. “we are fans, sports fans and especially reggiani – remarks Luigi Benassi – for this reason we have renovated, as has happened in the last ten years, the partnership with Reggiana because we are convinced that our products will match perfectly with the image of the football team of our city. in Reggio Emilia took birth erbazzone and we pride ourselves to carry on with professionalism craft a culinary tradition. That story which forms the foundation of the Granata company. “
“We can not speak of reggiani without thinking of Nonna Lea e Nonno Pepi products and in particularly erbazzone – underlines the vice president Stefano Compagni. It is a typical product of our land, envied but especially appreciated by all Italy and so we’re proud to have among our partners Nonna Lea, Nonno Pepi and Laboratori Emiliani Alimentari”.
From pies to baked pasta, from the egg pasta to the famous erbazzone reggiano; these are some of the frozen products of the gastronomy line.
It was 1985 when it was founded, from an idea of Luigi Benassi and his wife Adriana Giberti with the help of a few employees, our company: Laboratori Emiliani Alimentari, a small company that today employs a workforce of over 35 employees and sells its products in Emilia Romagna,and all over Italy from Rome to Val d’Asta.
In the line of salty foods and Reggio Emilia tradition there are the savory pies an the erbazzone Reggiano, scarpason from the mountain of Reggio Emilia, the fried dumplings and chizze.