The NT Textile Rental renews its commitment to the Pool Granata. “Regardless of our passion for football – underline Giansandro and Giancarlo Vanni – is a choice determined by the enthusiasm of the granata environment that has literally plagued us. The ability of Medici and Compagni to convey this sense of belonging, combined with the internationalization added by Mike Piazza led us to renew our commitment with AC Reggiana 1919 with the same enthusiasm that we see in the environment. ”
The Company NT Noleggio Tessile per l’industria srl  is concerned, for many years, mainly renting wipers to companies operating mainly in the mechanical and graphic sectors.
The activity exerted consists in delivery to customers of clean cloths transported in plastic drums, in the withdrawal of the dirty clothes and in their washing, using special equipment (industrial washing machines, dryers, etc.), So as to make it clean and reusable .
“A healthy society and a clean environment – remarks Armando Bedini – are the conditions that characterize our professional activity and that we found in the AC Reggiana 1919. A great little secret.”
Together with the washing activity and wipes rental the Nt Noleggio Tessile is also involved in the marketing of disposable material.
The environmental importance of allowing a reduction of environmental burdens of enterprises associated with the disposal of hazardous waste, a reduction in disposable products consumption in favor of reusable materials and better management of dirty clothes and their recycling.