To all Concerned Fans and Supporters of Reggio,

After todays “alleged” meeting with the mayor and or entrepenuaers was cancelled by the  group… not by myself. i am officially stating the piazza family will not participate in funding the team next year.  there has only been talk and rumours of c collaboration, yet no one has stepped forward.  There are many burdens, that continue to suffocate the club. the stadium issue is not resolved and i refuse to summit to their terms.  We have not had partners to capitalize since my arrival. We have never forced a partner to leave the company.  They simply refused to contribute in the financial responsabilities of the team under their management.  

Bottom line, we have had extraordinary difficulties, which consist of,  continuous  lawsuits and litigation. Ongoing stadium harassment. price gauging, zero help from the municipality, and the game in siena was the final blow. It is impossible to run a business with these burdens. Despite this abuse we pushed on and assembled an exciting playoff team for two consecutive years. We are proud of the work we have done and wished that we could have continued to elevate reggiana’s brand. This was our goal.

I am sorry for those who are hurt, and dissappointed. Please know that we feel extremely sad, emotional, angry,  and defeated, that our dream to bring the team to serie  b  did not come true. We often wondered if it was by design that we had so many un-neccessary obstacles. This we will never know.   

I hope in time you will understand how much we have sacrificed. This was a labor of love, a venture that was guided by emotion and oneness with the city. The fans were often the light that kept us going through dark periods when we felt attacked and alone. We will always be a friend to the team as it is part of our lives forever. 


Mike Piazza