Reggiana’s official presentation has been a success of passion and participation. Nevertheless, we are truly sorry for the regrettable episode that saw involved the Mayor of our city, Mr. Luca Vecchi. The club has invited Mr. Vecchi in his institutional role of Mayor of Reggio Emilia and a small portion of the fans who were present at this beautiful event booed him while he was speaking. We, as a club, firmly take distance from what happened last night.
The club ownership wants to give to Mr. Vecchi its deepest apologies for what happened last night and, at the same time, the club is proud always to have him on its side in its process of growth.
We want to thank Miss Graziella Casali, president of Reggio Baseball to have hosted us in a real gem like the “Caselli” stadium. At the same time, we are thankful for the significant participation of the city’s authorities, sponsors, and distinguished guests and to everyone who made this event possible. First and foremost we want to thank Lorenzo Dallara who was perfect in his role as a speaker of the night. The presentation of last night proves, once again, the passion with whom our fans are close to Ac Reggiana 1919 and how this following can be of good luck to the incoming season.