These are the words of Paolo Zanetti at the end of the Viareggio Cup first match against Curtuluà: «I am very happy with the way we performed today. The lads gave their best, we went up with the score and until we had something left in the tank we held our own against a team that was older and physically bigger than us. Once we went down with the score, we couldn’t make things up anymore».«Come ho visto i ragazzi? Li ho visti bene. Era per loro l’occasione di mettersi in mostra e più di qualche ragazzo ha colto appieno l’occasione. Siamo soddisfatti, ovviamente al di là del risultato. Per una Berretti è difficilissimo venire a vincere al Viareggio. Noi abbiamo fatto bella figura, abbiamo dimostrato di essere una squadra organizzata che ha affrontato l’impegno con il piglio giusto».

«I’m happy with the boys. It was the chance for them to showcase their skills and I think they have been up to the task. We are satisfied with our display beyond the final score. For a Berretti team it is always tough to do well in the tournament, nevertheless, we showed our skills and that we are an organized team of football with the right approach. That’s all I could ask».

«The next game? While I’m talking to you I am watching Rijeka against Torino. They are two powerhouses in European youth football. We will do our best and keep showcase our skills and the talents we have within the team».