Here is what Ac Reggiana Berretti coach Paolo Zanetti had to say after the loss against Rijeka in the second game of the Viareggio Cup: «We played a great match, under every point of view. We’ve been well up to the task, if not the better team against a great team. Unfortunately, we’ve got a goal against in their first chances. It is a thing that is recurring quite often to us lately, and that is something we need to correct going forward. But from that moment onwards, I’ve watched a team that took possession of their half and kept creating chances. We couldn’t convert them, and that’s our fault. But all in all, I am proud of the lads, they gave everything, and went beyond their limits. They played with courage and this gives us a boost for what’s next for us».

«I have to say that we took a step forward from the first gave where, probably, we were nervous because it was the first game in the Viareggio Cup. We played a good game on Tuesday, but today, against a tougher opponent, we raised our game and that’s encouraging».

«Our last game against Torino on Sunday? We will have the same approach and attitude as we had today and Tuesday. We won’t change. We will go and play our game no matter what, hoping to hold our own against a top reality at youth level. I can’t stress it enough: I am proud of my boys, I am proud for the way the played today».