It’s Wednesday. It is time for a double practice session for the lads. Players met this morning at the Via Agosti training grounds with the group split into two (Fullbacks and Lombardo in one; midfielders and forwards in another). The first task was to work on a strength circuit in the gym next to the pitch. The players then worked on their positional tactics with club coach (Leonardo) Colucci and his assistant (Gianni) Migliorini. After a team lunch at the Airone Hotel, the lads got involved in the second practice of the day. After a “technical” warm up, the coaching staff, “merged” the positional tactics of the morning, into a general tactics exercise where fullbacks, midfielders, and forwards transferred the work of the morning in group tactics. The session finished with several “pressure” pick up games. Erik Panizzi did not practice because of stomach illness. Alessandro Cesarini worked apart in the morning but took part to the technical warm up and team tactics in the afternoon before finishing it doing some stationary bike in the gym close to the pitch. Ettore Marchi and Jacopo Manconi practice partially with their teammates, and partially worked on nurturing their ankle (Marchi) and knee (Manconi). Tomorrow the lads will practice at 3.30 pm.