Berretti’s game against Maceratese has been postponed due to the aftermath of another serious earthquake that hit the middle of Italy. Ac Reggiana wants to express its vicinity to SS Maceratese in these hard times.
Esordienti Regionali will play on Saturday against Santarcangelo. Same for the younger teams involved into friendlies and league games.
Under 17 and Under 15 will have a day off, while the Under 16 will play against Mantova. Same for the Giovanissimi Regionali team that will play against Forlì. The class 2005 team will play against Tricolore Reggiana.
The classes of 2006, 2007 and 2008 will play against Sudtirol and Bassano Virtus, starting at 3pm on Sunday.


Esordienti Regionali: Reggiana – Santarcangelo,  4,00 pm.

Pulcini 2006 A: Santos – Reggiana, 3,00 pm.
Pulcini 2006 B: Falk Galileo – Reggiana,  4,30 pm.
Pulcini 2007 A: Reggiana Femminile – Reggiana, 3,30 pm.

Pulcini 2007 B: Reggiana – Correggese, 4,00 pm.

Pulcini 2008:   3,30 pm.
Pulcini 2009: 5,15 pm.


Allievi Under 16 Lega Pro: Reggiana – Mantova, 10,30 am.

Giovanissimi Regionali: Reggiana – Forlì,  10,30 am.
Esordienti 2005: Tricolore Reggiana – Reggiana, 10,30 am.
Pulcini 2006-2007-2008: Test against Sudtirol and Bassano Virtus, starting at 3,00 pm.