AC Reggiana 1919 SpA and Boxe Tricolore are pleased to announce that today, January 25th 2018, the Sport Foundation of the municipality of Reggio Emilia has entrusted the administration of the Stadio di Via Matteotti to ATI made by the before said societies, for two years with the option for two more years. Reggiana and Boxe Tricolore presented an innovative project that, in addition to contemplating the sporting aspects, enhancing the historic urban layout as a meeting and aggregation place for the entire community of Reggio through an important work of redevelopment and remodeling of spaces.

President Mike Piazza is radiant: “Mirabello is for us like the Filadelfia stadium for Torino, it represents our history and roots and has also been an important piece of our granata passion, a Mirabello stadium projected into the future starting from our youth sector.”

Luca Quintavalli, president of Olmedo, Main Global Partner of Reggiana and main Sponsor of Boxe Tricolore  as well as historical sport director of the boxing company since 1996 points out another fundamental aspect : “Mirabello will be a virtuous example in which the public and the private, sports and economic, will be working together for the good of the city and for the development of city sports.

The project confirms the proximity of the two clubs to the city sport seen as a connecting element between sporting and social activities. At the same time it confirms the intent of proximity to values ​​not only linked with sports. The victory of the application for the management of Mirabello stadium, shared with enthusiasm and conviction by the President Piazza and by Luca Quintavalli, it strengthens the bond between Reggiana and Olmedo, born from the sponsorship to the granata team and consolidated since the creation of the Store project that is giving many satisfactions.