A.C. Reggiana communicates with great satisfaction that it has renewed its agreement with Reggiana Gourmet for the 2016/2017 season.

“We are very pleased to renew our support to A.C. Reggiana “says Matteo Cugini, managing director of Reggiana Gourmet. “We are also proud to propose to A.C. Reggiana the beautiful project “I PRIMI FANNO GIOCO DI SQUADRA” aimed for primary school children, to talk about food education, mobility and civic. After the huge success of last year’s project, which saw the Quara of Toano School draw the Reggiana third jersey with which this year tue team is playing and winning, this year children in primary schools of Reggio Emilia will participate the same competition to win big school prizes. ” – Continue Matteo Cugini-. “Football and good food are an inseparable pair in our territory. Mike Piazza’s Reggiana tip on team spirit and a precise identity of the football game. For years Reggiana Gourmet as well as investing in innovation and quality, we are committed to the area remaining true to its values and supporting the country to really “team”. Therefore we hope to A.C. Reggiana to play good football, having fun with integrity and fairness. ”

“Last year, Reggiana Gourmet gave us the indescribable emotions, that I keep with jealousy – these are the first statements of a satisfied Stefano Compagni – realized the project which involved many elementary schools in the province gave a characterization of our territory that Mike appreciated, and I am proud that this year Matteo has decided to continue the process started. “