Reggiana reopen the Store in Prampolini Square. ‘This is the message given by the CEO Maurizio Franzone during the today press conference. The event is scheduled for 8 December. Store will have in Olmedo the main partner and will be ongoing. The philosophy that will animate our Store will be to stimulate the merchandising and the online sale of grenade brand. But not only. The Store will become a meeting place for all fans of Reggiana and above all a reference point for our sponsors, for executives, for athletes and for the whole granata world. Within the Store will find space and visibility the granata’s merchandising but will also be a container in order to establish relationships and live on an ongoing basis of the Reggiana life.
It will be 365 days living store, which will have a soul and will be in the heart of the city, the center of attention of Reggio Emilia. The Store may in the future offer fans the opportunity to also buy tickets for the game or subscribe season tickets.
The Reggiana’s store will have as partner Luca Quintavalli’s Olmedo confirming a path that the company based in Ghiardo of Bibbiano is carrying out with the granata property. A philosophy that the same Luca Quintavalli explained during the press conference together with Giovanni Tarabelloni.