QUARTA CATEGORIA is a Tournament F.I.G.C. – C.S.I. with 7 football players for athletes with intellectual-rational disabilities now at its second edition. On January 18, 2017, at the Senate of the Italian Republic, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Italian Sports Center, which deals with the membership of the “Special” athletes, and the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio to achieve a common goal: to guarantee to the athletes with different abilities the right to play football in one context recognized by the Federazione and as similar as possible to the one dedicated to able-bodied. Thanks to the collaboration with all the components of the football world (AIAC, AIA, AIC, Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B, Lega Pro, LND, FIGC and CSI) the athletes will be able to crown the dream of every guy who practices the most beautiful sport in the world: wear the shirt of a professional Club, thanks to the adoption formula that provides the supply of the race kit to the “adopted” team, thus becoming the Special Team of the adopting Club.

Now in its second edition, Quarta Categoria Tournament can now boast about 1300 members, 73 Squadre Special, more than 40 professional clubs adopting Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B and Lega Pro and seven Italian regions involved (Liguria, Lombaria, Emilia Romagna , Lazio, Puglia, Toscana and Marche).

A.C. Reggiana 1919 supported Quarta Categoria Project from the very beginning making itself the promoter and organizer of the activities for the Lega Pro companies for the first championship held in 2017. In Reggio Emilia there were important events related to the Tournament like the presentation in Sala Tricolore or the derby between Reggiana and Parma played in the fields of via Mogadiscio. During the presentation there were many people who joined Reggiana in this important moment of promotion were there was the President of Lega Gravina, the General Manager of Lega Serie A Brunelli and President of the Foundation for Sport of Reggio Emilia Melli.

In the current season, with the modification of the championships and the creation of a unique championship among the three leagues (Serie A, Serie B and Lega Pro) the commitment of Reggiana has been realized through the adoption of two Special teams (Reggiana is one among the few companies to have double adoption): the ASD Verso, which plays in the Tournament Lombardo in the Quarta and Quinta Categoria, and the ASD US Santos 1948, which participates in the Torneo Emilia. Reggiana Fs lombarda is currently mid-ranking in the Torneo Quarta Categoria (seventh place), thirteenth in the Quinta Categoria. On the territory of Emilia, thanks to a match that has to be recovered and a very short classification, Reggiana Fs is in the penultimate place but only three points from the third position.

A.C. Reggiana 1919 is therefore contributing ,in a determined manner along with the other participating professional societies as mentioned by the President of the Senate Pietro Grasso when they signed the memorandum of understanding, to write “a beautiful page of Italian football”.