Since more than ten years, the Reggio Colori sells powder coatings, but since many more years Claudio Morpanini is a fan of Reggiana. “I started to follow Reggiana as a kid – remarks Claudio Morpanini – like all the people of Reggio: from father to son.”
It was natural and logical that Reggio Colori would put, for the next season, alongside AC Reggiana 1919 SpA. “Everyone has to do his part – continues Claudio – we entrepreneurs need to support, as part of our possibility, the effort of the company. Now we feel a new climate of enthusiasm and vigor around the team and the leadership, so we’re curious to see Colucci’s Reggiana at work”.
Reggio Colori established in 2009 for will of Gianluca Morpanini, it represents the continuation of a company that Claudio Morpanini had founded in 2005.
Reggio Colori, located in via Pervilli 8 / 8 AB, in Mancasale area commercilize powder coatings and is the exclusive manager of the Pulverit warehouse for Emilia Romagna in the provinces Reggio, Parma, Modena, Piacenza and Mantua. Reggio Colori is an agent, dealer and Pulverit manager.