The Box Me-Cart confirms its presence in Pool Granata. A choice determined by the sporting passion that has always accompanied the property but not limited to: the sharing of an ambitious and important project for the city, positive and highly educational values that continues the Reggiana football are the reasons that led him Scatolificio Me- cart to continue this sporty ratio.

<< This company has been present for 50 years in our country, thanks to the work done by all the people who each day share with us the stages of this society from distant roots. << The first statements of a satisfied Silvana Aguzzoli, Vice President and Managing Director of the Me – Cart Srl >> the important value of believing in men, in giving and in the importance of the social aspects creates a strong emotional bond with the people and with the territory. All our sports sponsorships are born from a relationship with people. Are obtained, thus, very important results and is crucial for us to start together with sports clubs social activities, initiatives in the field of solidarity, education, and support the sport volunteer. Today we are present as a major sports organizations partners who embody these values << concludes Silvana Aguzzoli >>

<< Me-Cart has a primary role in  supporting sport across the board _ the first words of Maurizio Franzone, Reggiana Soccer AD _ we are really pleased that Me-Cart has decided to continue his career in our family. In Me-Cart I saw those values which have always spoken to me and that characterize the entire province of Reggio Emilia: foresight, concreteness and attachment to the land. A whole Melloni family goes a big thank you from the whole club and myself. >>

The “Scatolificio Me-Cart Srl” was founded in 1966 on the initiative of the brothers Luigi and Leonardo Melloni that, flanked by Silvana Aguzzoli, decided to develop their productive activities by renewing the processing techniques of packaging with the use of modern equipment. An innovative project created by the introduction of corrugated board as a new packing method that was to support traditional wooden

Since its inception, the firm has been characterized by its attention to technological innovations in order to improve product quality and guarantee an efficient service to customers. As a result of this trend the company, while maintaining the typical connotation of family business, has expanded with consistently increasing market shares.

The customer is in any way “niche” with special requests and needs that Scatolificio Me-Cart is always able to give an answer.

Currently the Scatolificio Me-Cart srl, operates on a covered area of 11,500 sqm., Has a workforce of 44 employees and a production technology and constantly updated digital. It has a wide and complete product range, passing dall’astuccio lithographed in flat cardboard, the box in three waves certified for shipments by sea; from the pallets and wooden crates to the materials for the protection of the packed products.

“Today, like yesterday, we are used to look forward to us, to the future with courage and determination, with the pride and the knowledge that they can count on a wonderful team of employees and partners.”